Best PUBG Melee Weapon Skins: Prosperity Knife Val, Forsaken Ritual Dagger, Sovereign Sword, Glitchpop Axe, Spectrum Waveform, Celestial Fan

Best PUBG Melee Weapon Skins: Prosperity Knife Val, Forsaken Ritual Dagger, Sovereign Sword, Glitchpop Axe, Spectrum Waveform, Celestial Fan

Prosperity Knife Val – The Best PUBG Melee Weapon Skins

Prosperity Knife Val is one of the best knife skins in PUBG. It has an appealing effect that resembles Jett’s ultimate move ‘Blade Storm’. It costs 3550 VP.

This karambit knife can be upgraded with various VFX and animations. It has a cool re-equip animation and a unique slashing SFX.

Forsaken Ritual Dagger

If you’re looking for a new melee weapon, look no further than the Forsaken Ritual Dagger. This sword skin looks intimidating and is perfect for players who want to add some lore-inspired style to their weapons. Plus, it has cool inspected animations when you hit your opponent with the knife. You can purchase this weapon for 3550 VP.

If you prefer a more traditional blade, try the Sovereign Sword. This unique knife has a sharp curved blade and a sleek design. It also has a cool hilt that makes it feel more powerful than other knives.

Sovereign Sword

This sword is a beautiful piece of work. It’s lightweight, has good stiffness for thrusting, cuts through water bottles (granted not laser clean – but still cut) and took on a permapine post/pell in our extremely abusive testing without any issues.

The hilt is made of ebony wood and the grip is carved to resemble an elephant tusk. It has a great feel in the hand, no wiggle or ‘tink-tink’ noises and fits perfectly to the blade.

This sword is the best melee weapon for securing wild Pokemon, and dealing a lot of damage to Rayquaza when Zacian has enough Aeos Energy to fully charge Sovereign Sword. It also provides bonus damage against opponents that have been buffed by their own Unite Move. Upgrades include pretty animations and an explosive new finisher.

Glitchpop Axe

Axes are one of the most underappreciated melee weapons in Valorant. But, Glitchpop Axe turns that around by bringing a bright neon aesthetic to the weapon. It’s easily the best knife skin in the game and worth a look.

Despite being in the second edition of the Glitchpop collection, this knife still looks good and has great animations. It’s similar to a butterfly knife but with a collapsible blade that opens up when you equip it. It costs 4,350 VP.

In terms of the B-Tier knife skins, there are a few that stand out. Luna’s Descent, Champions Karambit, and RGX Firefly all look clean and unique. These are a few knives that are worth spending your VP on. However, they aren’t as impressive as the S-Tier ones.

Spectrum Waveform

If you’re looking for a knife skin that looks and feels like a lightsaber then Spectrum Waveform is the one for you. It’s a battle pass skin that came out last year and received a lot of hype when it was first released.

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The Spectrogram view displays intensity versus frequency information, showing sounds in the form of lines or peaks and their color according to their frequencies as per the Decibel Full Scale (dBFS) color key. This makes it easier to analyze the data.

Celestial Fan

VALORANT continues to add weapon skins that are wildly popular with players. Whether it’s the second run of Glitchpop or the anime-inspired Misericordia from 2023’s LOCK//IN event, the Celestial line has been a hit with fans.

The Celestial Fan brings a new look to the melee weapon, and it’s perfect for those who enjoy adding a touch of zen to their inventory. This unique knife is also a good choice for close-quarters combat because of its good range and accuracy.

The Celestial Bundle was released with Patch 2.03 and features weapons inspired by Asian-style motifs. The bundle costs 7,100 VP and includes a gun skin, melee weapon skin, and a Gun Buddy and spray. The melee weapon looks like a fan and expands when attacked. It even has a Chinese character inscribed on the fan to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

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