Diverse Audiences and Monetization on YouTube

Diverse Audiences and Monetization on YouTube

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4. Various Audiences

Many YouTube users watch videos purely for entertainment. Other viewers are interested in learning more about a topic or trying to solve a problem. These users often look for tutorials, how-to’s and explainer videos.

Other viewers are looking to purchase products or services. These users are often guided to stores or online content via info cards (formerly YouTube Cards). YouTubers can also use these cards to direct viewers to their Patreon, Kickstarter and other revenue-focused sections of their websites.

A small percentage of viewers are motivated primarily by money, and YouTube supports these content creators by helping them monetize their video content. Unlike Snapchat, YouTube doesn’t restrict how much a user can earn from their content. Examples include video game commentator PewDiePie and controversial YouTuber Logan Paul, who was able to continue monetizing his videos even after he filmed himself in Japan’s notorious Aokigahara suicide forest. YouTube also offers several tools to help you analyze your video’s audience.

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